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HR on Demand was founded to take away the worry and frustration of “people problems” for small and medium sized businesses owners and to give them the tools and resources previously only available to “the big guys”.

As a business owner, you know that your employees are your most valuable asset. And they can often be the most frustrating and time consuming part of your business as well.

Most likely you don’t have an in-house HR person, and if you do, they’re overwhelmed and juggling multiple roles.

So, how do you profitably manage your “most valuable asset” when you’re stretched thin as it is?

HR on Demand will help you maximize the profitability of your employees by:

  • Giving you confidence that your employees’ time and talent are being used to the fullest.
  • Giving you access to the HR knowledge and resources that the “big guys” have.
  • Finding a solution to your high turnover rate.
  • Finding the right people for those open positions that are costing you profits.
  • Taking away the worry that you’re not in compliance with applicable labor laws.
  • Being an “on call” HR manager if you can’t afford an in-house one yet.
  • Helping make sure your business can operate profitability and efficiently even when you’re not on-site full time.
  • And much more. See our full list of services here.

Bottom Line? Happier and more productive employees. Improved business profits. And a better night’s sleep for you!

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Client Testimonial

"Mary's vast knowledge of the HR world and her ability to put her finger on the resources I needed helped save my company money."
— John Burke, President, Sharp Painting Incorporated

human resources in Phoeinx, AZ